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Why me?
I spent all my working life with paintings and sculptures. Fashion and beautiful women.   I know about beauty.

Now that I am retired I am making pictures of beauty for myself.

But you're a man . . .
Some women photographers may try to emphasise that a woman will naturally be more comfortable with a woman as her photographer. This may occasionally be true, but I think it's pretty much a generalisation. Maybe even, simply a cynical sales ploy.

I could not be a boudoir photographer without feeling concern for women, wanting them to feel safe and at ease. I'm sure you will find that that concern for your comfort and well-being will make any qualms disappear. An ability to make gorgeous pictures of you in a fun environment is more important than my gender.

I photograph people, the odd mailbox or elephant may creep in from time to time but mostly . . . . I'm a people person.

I could be making pictures of you, . . . .please get in touch.

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