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366 Strangers

In 2009 I had a project to photograph a complete stranger for each day throughout the year. It was at times hard work, but not hard enough to stop me doing it all again in 2013

A year with an extra day in it cannot be so much more of a challenge, so here I am back again.

On the right is Katie from New Zealand, who I photographed on 13th December 2013. Katie was an overnight sensation clocking up nearly 8,000 views in 24 hours. Since then the number has grown more slowly but still nears 15,000 views

A Complete Stranger

To look at the daily photographs so far just choose a month below.


Sadly due to family illness this project came to a sudden halt at the end of March. I have now resumed photography but far too late to catch up on this 366. Please do look though at the first three months.

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